About Us

Presentation Chef is owned by Lehae Consulting Services, and it was established to assist professionals to create great presentations. The ethos espoused by Presentation Chef is that, “everyone can learn how to create a better presentation, deliver a great speech and show amazing visual slides”.

We created wide ranging products from Inspiring Slides to Powerful Business Presentation. A good presentation slides will help you in delivering a good presentation. Before opening PowerPoint software and creating your slide, you need to understand what the role of a slide in a presentation is.


Helping Professionals establish Engagement with their clients


We are a team of professionals, motivated to learn and develop expertise in our trade in order to deliver an infallible value to clients


Creativity anchored on originality and Innovation

Honesty fuelled by transparency and Simplicity

Effective by delivering high quality solutions timely and on budget

Feasible by keeping our organisation through passion relevant and current